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Wedding videography and photography are arguably the two most important investments you can make for your wedding.  Everything you plan for your day will end on that day.  It's our job as videographers to capture these memories for you.  As you have likely heard hundreds of times, the day will rush by so quickly, and these people are right.  The day happens so fast, and there are so many people you barely get to interact with that you will feel like everything was just a blur.  So, it makes sense that you would want someone to help you capture those memories.  Not only are these memories essential for yourself, but your future family as well.  In 50 years, when you are celebrating your anniversary or birthday, your kids or grandkids can use the photos and videos from this day. 

Technology is changing exponentially, so it is crucial to preserve your memories in the highest quality.  The way digital media works is by using pixels.  The number of pixels in a picture is the basis for determining quality and longevity.  The more pixels it has, the better the quality typically, and the longer the image will remain relevant.  That is why we recommend couples get their films in UHD 4k.  UHD 4K is the current highest industry standard for consumers.  Having your video delivered in UHD 4K means that your video will maintain its higher quality longer, so when your kids are watching it back in 20 years, it won't look like that video you took on your BlackBerry in 2009 does right now. 

Our team takes these principles to heart when we are filming your wedding.  We aim to use cutting-edge technology to give you a long-lasting product.  Using our arsenal of cameras, microphones, and lights, we aim to provide you with a professionally made product that is creative yet cleanly put together.  Our team operates using four to six cameras between the two videographers that we will have working your wedding.  Having an extra person and the additional cameras gives us significantly more options to cover your day with, getting shots of you, your guests, and anything essential for you to on that day.  We want to capture your day, and we will make a timeless, cinematic video ready for you to share with your friends, family and generations to come. 




When choosing your video team, there are many things to consider, their style, camera quality, experience level, etc.  As much as we hope you choose us, we know that our videos might take on a different style than you would like for capturing your wedding.  We typically conform to a documentarian style.  A videographer's primary style, among many other things, is a great thing to ask your video team when looking into them.  If you would like more information on how to choose the right videographer check out our list of what you should be on the lookout for here: How to Choose a Wedding Videographer


Below are some of our most popular packages.  These are listed here to give you a sense for pricing of what is most popular with couples that book with us.  We offer many more packages targeted at different price ranges and services offered. If you are looking for something different reach out to us for a detailed list of all of our packages.  Alternatively we can set up a meeting to create something more custom to suit your need. These prices are based on our 2023 season. For 2024 prices please inquire via email.

Popular Packages

Ultimate Package

Our Ultimate Package is designed to get you a variety of video content. This package covers the basics with the highlight and documentary videos while adding in a teaser video and social media edits. This also includes an engagement shoot and drone footage, additionally getting you 10 hours of coverage by two videographers.


Ultra Package

Our Ultra Package is designed to get both the documentary and highlight videos, the two essential videos for your day. This allows you to have a full length video covering the whole day, as well as a quick video to rewatch when you want to relive the memories of your wedding


Basic Package

The basic package gives you the necessities to capture your day. Included are our documentary videos and a teaser video. This gives you a full-length recap and a short video to commemorate your day.


Popular Add-Ons

Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are an hour-long shoot to work with our team before your wedding. It will help you get to know us and see how our filming will work at the wedding. In addition, you’ll get a 1-2 minute video delivered in a digital file.


Drone Footage

Adding drone footage to your videos gives a Hollywood look to your video. They’re great for capturing super-wide footage of your venue or the landscape of where you do your formal portraits.


Teaser Video

This is a short one-minute video that recaps the events of the day. Footage from your getting ready ceremony, photo shoots and reception are edited together and delivered the Monday after your wedding to show your friends and family


Looking for more info on packages? Shoot us a message! We'll be happy to send over a full list of what we offer!



Patrick & Naomi

May  2021

Frost was great to work with, our in-person wedding ceremony during COVID was a little short notice for videographers compared to before COVID. They were ready to go on our short notice and we were able to capture what made the day great, including sending his video feed to the live streaming equipment in the church! Unfortunately, he couldn't use the drone on our day because of the wind but his shots from other weddings look great!

Josh, is a fun guy and he is great to get along with too. We appreciate his flexibility and doing his best to get all we need. They do offer and recommend a second videographer. We only had one and after seeing all he did to capture everything I would recommend the extra money on the second videographer. Making it easier on him and you get more shots for your wedding video!


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