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Choosing your Videographer 

Choosing your videographer is just as important as choosing your photographer. However, selecting a videographer based on their pricing and availability alone may not get you the product you want.  Because of this, we have curated some information on some things to keep in mind when choosing your videographer.

1.   Style

The style of videographers, like photographers, vary from creator to creator.  When searching for teams, be sure to look through their portfolio to see how their videos look.  Some people will prefer the work of others because of their artistic expressions.  Style is the most important thing since you want to show this product off to your friends and family, and this video should reflect an aesthetic that you like. 

2.   Friendliness
Like your photographer, you are going to be working with them closely for hours on one of the most important days of your life.  You want to make sure that your videographer is personable, friendly and that you enjoy their company.  However, not only you will be working with them.  They must work with the photographer, band, DJ, or officiant and you want to make sure you hire someone who will reflect well on you as they go out to get their work done. An excellent way to gauge this is by meeting with your videographer before booking or getting an engagement shoot with them to see how you work together. 

3.    Packages & Timeline
All companies will offer various packages and timelines to get you your final video.  Make sure you are clear on what type of videos the team will deliver to you, ensuring you aren’t expecting something that you won’t get.  Common videos provided are documentary videos, highlight videos, teaser videos or same-day edits.  Again, every company will differ even on these videos and how they are put together.  Similarly, inquire about their delivery times.  Some companies may take up to a year, while other 8 weeks.  Be sure you know the company’s delivery time to understand what to expect when getting your video back.  The best way to find out most of this info is to contact the company to ask how they deal with these topics. 

4.    Equipment
Different levels of videographers will have various equipment.  While many videographers today work on DSLR and mirrorless cameras to be inconspicuous not all are the same; therefore, some may degrade your video.  Similarly, check how many cameras they will be using.  New videographers or photographers will have less, while seasoned videographers will run at least three for the day.  This is important again because this will determine how much is covered in your video.  Typically, more cameras will mean that the videographers will have more footage to work with when editing and can cover more ground throughout the day. 

5.    Photographers vs Videographers & Experience Level
Many photographers offer video as an add-on to their packages.  While this option will seem attractive and cost-effective, the skill set required to deliver a high-quality video is very different.  The whole process must be approached very differently from the equipment to shooting styles to achieve a similar-looking product.  For example, dedicated videographers will likely have more cameras, professional audio equipment, and an array of continuous lights, all things that photographers won’t need.  Along with this, they’ll need to have different ideas for posing since the methods used in stills don’t always translate well to video. On the other hand, an experienced videographer will have the know-how and tools to do their job well.  This combination of experience and equipment will make a noticeable difference in the final product that you receive. 

6.    Pricing

While everything else is essential for many couples, this is the deciding factor.  Check out the differences in pricing between companies and see what each package offers.  Pricing will vary between companies based on their experience level, the types of videos delivered and the number of videographers working.  More experienced teams will have better equipment, faster turnaround times, larger teams or unique products that make them stand out. Be sure to ask the company for all these details to be an informed buyer.

Lastly, consider this when looking at pricing.  If you are comparing the pricing of a videographer to a photographer, keep in mind that video is exponentially more work than that of a photographer.  Simple things like owning the equipment required, to editing, take considerably more time and money to operate. In summary, as you look, you may wonder why there are such price variations; these reasons are significant factors in creating price lists.

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