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music videos


Music videos have been a popular way of sharing music with the world since the 80s. However, with the introduction of YouTube and other social media platforms, music videos have become easier to share. 

Like most video productions, we work in three major stages: planning, filming, and editing.  The planning process allows us to connect with you to plan out your video; this can be organizing location, costumes, actors, dancers etc.  Along with these crucial details, we go over your vision to see how we can achieve the look that best fits your video.  Planning out your vision can include going over other videos and storyboarding. We go over everything we can so that the process is as streamlined as possible when we begin filming. The method of filming, it as straightforward as it sounds. We will then take all the planning we did together and get everything we need for your video.  After we have completed our filming, we will begin the editing process.  Our editor will start compiling the footage with a copy of the music you provide. Then, they will edit it based on the storyboard and plans in preproduction.  When we’ve finished editing, we will allow you various amounts of revisions to make sure the final edit is a product you'll love.

Music Videos

Music Videos



  • 6 Hours of pre-production meetings

  • 5 hours of filming

    • Filming crew of 3

    • Drone footage

  • 6 hours of editing

    • 3 rounds of revisions

  • Downloadable file

  • 4K delivery



  • 5 Hours of pre-production meetings

  • 5 Hours of filming

    • Filming crew of 2

  • 5 hours of editing

    • 2 rounds of revisions

  • Downloadable file

  • 4k Delivery

HD $2,000


  • 3 Hours of pre-production meetings

  • 3 Hours of filming

    • Filming crew of 1

  • 3 hours of editing

    • 1 round of revisions

  • Downloadable file

  • 1080p delivery


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