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One of the best examples we have heard to have a boudoir shoot done comes from the CBC show Schitt's Creek.  Fans of the show will likely know the reference to Moira Schitt and her insatiable obsession with finding her nude photos from early on in her modelling career (S2E09). Reflecting on this episode has given us a vision; thus, creating a memoir of you has become a staple part of how and why we work. 

Preservation is a critical reason that we work as photographers.  However, our goal is not just to capture the moment but to ensure that we can encapsulate the very best you are bringing at this moment.  Be it simple portraits or the entirety of your body; we want to capture the intimate details in this season of your life.  


Winter Woods

Shot on an unusually warm February day, we struck a perfect time for this shoot.  Using a secluded wooded area just outside of London, we were able to get our full two-hour shoot in the woods with a fresh layer of snow on the ground.  This gallery is a great example of some of the great shots you can get when shooting in the outdoors.

Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes is named this way for the medium it was shot on.  This shoot was all shot on Kodak Gold 200, a type of 35 mm film.  We develop and scan all of our film in-house, so if you are looking for either a retro vibe or something off the grid, this is an excellent example of the look you can get with this style of shoot.

The Clawfoot

This shoot is an excellent example of one of our standard studio shoots.  Our studio is quite diverse, giving us many options to work with when there. In addition, working in a studio gives us tons of control as we can have more gear and control the light more methodically. These principles, coupled with the various décor, provide a surplus of variety for your shoot, ensuring your uniqueness. 


We can photograph boudoir photoshoots in either our studio or your chosen location.  Th gives you the option to select a space that you are more comfortable in or a neutral setting that we know well.  Our studio offers a few different sets depending on the style that you are trying to achieve.  All of our packages come with a one-hour consultation before the shoot. We use this time to go over some tips on posing, outfits, and hair and makeup suggestions.

Along with this, we let you know what to expect for the shoot. Pricing is based on the length of the shoot, location, and the number of images delivered.  If you are looking for a video shoot in this style, check out our Glamour section.

Ultra Package

  • 2 Hour shoot​

  • 3-4 outfit changes

  • Studio or Outdoors

  • 60-80 Fully edited Images

    • Private online photo gallery​

    • Download links


Basic Package

  • 1 Hour Shoot​

  • 1-2 outfit changes

  • Studio or Outdoors

  • 25-30 Fully edited images

    • Private online photo Gallery​

    • Download links


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